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                    5.20 Qiandao Lake riding activities successfully concluded

                    TIME:2017/7/8 16:59:24

                    I am quite often asked why Candor is so keen to organize cycling activities.

                    Where I answer - maybe only those who are on the road

                    Truly understand the real meaning of cycling.

                    SO, on this 520, join us at the beautiful Thousand-Island Lake and leave all your worries behind!


                    Thousand-Island Lake is an ideal destination for light travel

                    With spectacular natural scenery

                    And specially-designed greenway for cyclists


                    Here you can be away from the city hustle and bustle

                    And immerse yourself in the green mountains and rivers, blue sky and white clouds

                    That sweep past one by one


                    Green is the vibration between the trees

                    The taste of the mountain breeze


                    The joy of raising and waving your arms

                    Is the best way to release your emotions

                    Go on a journey with the like-minded

                    Head to the destination with one heart

                    And never stop trying

                    Even with roadblocks ahead

                    During this journey

                    Meet beautiful things

                    And stay inspired

                    Become a better self


                    In this two-day cycling around the 250km

                    Thousand-Island Lake cycling greenway

                    We can do better next time


                    The same is true of our work beliefs

                    There is no best

                    But only better!

                                                                                                 Continuous improvement is our eternal goal.