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                    Join us at Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park to appreciate the beauty of nature and relieve stress

                    TIME:2017/7/11 9:01:40

                    Join us on February 27 to a relaxing journey to nature

                    Candor Walking 2016 - One-day Walking & Picnic


                    Candor Family


                    Is composed of those who never stop fighting


                    He & She are the invaluable assets of Candor, who drive Candor to a higher field!


                    A mere glimpse of the adorable babies of He & She instantly heals the exhausted body and mind


                    "Friendship first, competition second"? It never works out in actual combat. The fierce match forces everyone to try their best for the first place. The winner wins out after 50 intense rounds. Employees of all ages participate and experience a child like fun.

                    Take a walk like this on weekends, appreciate the breath of nature, have fun with colleagues and exchange more with the management to leave everything behind, relax yourself and feel the energy brought about by nature.